Restoration of a Village Sign

A recent project* has been the restoration of a local village sign

Before Restoration…Before 2Before 1 The Restoration…

The carved sign had partially rotted away and the repair and restoration was carried out using mahogany wood.  Traditional carving tools were used to re-carve the lettering and scene.

After 1 photo 4

It took a total of 12 hours for the woodwork to be fully restored.  Once completed the sign was painted by local painter and artist Madeleine Beck. Madeleine used Humbrol enamel paint and built up the colour in layers, finishing with a layer of Humbrol varnish for extra durability. The painting process took around a week to complete.

And Finally After Restoration…

In Situ Sign 1

 A great result.  It is hoped the restored sign will stand for many more years to come.


Village records show that the St Cross Village sign was originally made in the early 1980s by an unnamed resident of the neighbouring village of Metfield.  In October 1991 it was reported that Kenneth and Olive Rusted repaired and repainted the sign at a cost of £20.  Unfortunately no earlier records are available.


Madeleine Beck can be contacted at

*This project was commissioned by St Cross Parish Council and Mike Frost of Oak and Lime at Mike Frost Carpentry Ltd  (email: / mobile 07890 545412)