The Restoration of an Elizabethan Farmhouse

A recent project was to supply joinery for the restoration of a beautiful old Elizabethan farmhouse situated in the rural village of St. Cross, South Elmham in Norfolk.  The listed building was slowly sympathetically restored to its former glory.

This above picture shows the Farmhouse before any restoration. Proposed works are shown in the plan below.

The first phase of the project saw the rear wall of the property being stripped back to basics.  It was slowly rebuilt.


Twenty windows were replaced and one repaired. Window designs were taken from the originals and frames were either made from scratch or where possible repaired.  Softwood was used for the main frames and hardwood for the sills.  Finally they were painted.



Three new doors were handmade using oak.  One was painted and the other two were  made using the designs from existing internal doors and then oiled for extra protection.


Beam Carving

The carved beam from the gable end of the Farmhouse had rotted in places.  The rotten areas of wood were carefully cut out and replaced with oak wood to retain as much of the original beam as possible. The new wood was carved using the old carving as a template.  The beam was coated with UV protecting oil to complete the process.



  The new oak was scarfed onto the finials once the rotten wood had been removed.  Much of the original finial was therefore saved.  Finally the finials were painted with aluminium primer and a top coat for protection.

IMG_1083 - CopyDSC00730DSC00704

Wood Panelling

New panelling was handcrafted from oak.



Mike Frost led a skilled team in the sympathetic restoration of this former Adair Family farmhouse.
Mike Frost –   Oak and Lime at Mike Frost Carpentry Ltd
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