The beautiful woods from Sutton Timber are used to make most of our kitchens.

Our Suppliers

Sutton Timber specialise in sourcing standing trees of English and European Hardwoods. All their wood, from oak to elm and ash to cherry, is sourced from privately owned woodlands and government forests across the UK and Europe.

They hold a comprehensive stock of kiln dried and air dried wood ready for immediate delivery.  Trees are firstly graded then purchased. They are sawn at Helmdon Sawmills  in Northamptonshire and then the logs are kilned at  Sotterley Sawmills in Suffolk.


Sutton Timber believe conservation is important and approach their trade with care.  Over the last twenty years they have planted 54,000 trees.  As well as supporting foresters they also work alongside them to preserve Europe’s forest habitats and ensure sustainability.